[Drabble-Mix] Moonrise

shoshana presents


A collection of heartwarming 1980s winter-break tales by Class 3-1


Drabble(s) | Fluff, Friendship, Family, slight!Romance | T/Teen

I own nothing but the story. This collection is set in the same universe as Songs for the Youth. It is recommended to read that one first. These drabbles based on 5 newest Every DAY6 tracks which is included in Moonrise album. Enjoy!♡

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”
(Albert Camus)

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[Ficlet] Toonderella

Toonderella detail marked.png

«Starring» TWICE Minatozaki Sana and slight! Wanna One Yoon Jisung



« Disclaimer » Storyline and poster murni milik owe, apapun bentuk plagiarism are totally restricted.

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[Drabble-Mix] Songs for the Youth

shoshana presents


A collection of highschool tales from the 1980s by Class 3-1


Drabble(s) | Fluff, School-life, Slice-of-life, Teen-romance, Friendship | T/Teen

I own nothing but the story. The drabbles are based on my October playlist. It is recommended to listen to the songs while reading ♡

“The wasted years, the wasted youth.
The pretty lies, the ugly truth.”

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Cubicle Series: Monday Curse

shoshana presents


“Monday Curse”

TWICE Sana & DAY6 Wonpil
ft. Other JYPN artists esp. GOT7, TWICE & DAY6
Series | Office!AU, Comedy-Drama, slight!Romance, Friendship | PG15
I own nothing but the story idea ♥ characters’ ages are made to be about the same with each other.

“Hari Senin ternyata bikin sial beneran!”
shoshana © 2017

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[1st Event] Author’s Project: VACANCY – DRABBLE

shoshana presents


TWICE Momo & Sana
Drabble | Slice-of-life, Friendship | G
I own nothing but the story idea.

Kenapa aku lapar? Aku makan sepanjang hari dan aku masih lapar —Twice; TT

shoshana © 2017

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