[INTRO] kateejung


♥ b o n j o u r !

let me introduce myself. first, my name is cathlyn. i was born on may 25th, 2000. i live in surabaya since birth. twice became my favorite since their debut, with my ultimates; j-trinity and kim dahyun. but trust me, i can’t really pick my favorite since they have their own visual and aura.

i’m a bibliophile and a nyctophilia—i love reading books, hang out with my beloved ones, listening to good musics, daydreaming, and writing. i found out that writing is my passion when i was a 13 years old junior high school student. i love discussed about foreign cultures. languages are my favorite, especially for french, latin, dutch, italian, german, and spanish; they 100% got my heart.

a multifandom—for girl groups i stan twice, red velvet, f(x), the ark, lovelyz, ioi, gfriend, apink, wjsn, sistar, and omg. for boy groups i stan seventeen, big bang, ikon, winner, b.a.p, bts, day6, shinee, up10tion.

want to know me more? you can find me on my twitter account, my private blog, my tumblr, macaroon seoul, on line (cathlyn.w) | or on my work places: 1 ; 2.

nice to know you, onces!

with love,

kate x


18 respons untuk ‘[INTRO] kateejung

    KU NADA/MINS #98

    btw kamu asli surabaya kah? dekaaat sekali dengan kuuu di malang :”) tapi tapi kok kamu kek bule yaa eng nya jossss sekali hheheheh

    ituu samaan deh suka apink dan ikon nya yuhuuuuu :3

    KEEP WRITING DAN Semoga kita bisa berteman baik yaaawww


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