[Ficlet] Be Lazy

shoshana presents


Moonrise tracklist fic pt. 2

TWICE Chaeyoung & GOT7 Yugyeom

Ficlet | Fluff-ish, Teen romance, School-life | T/Teen
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I own nothing but the story. Have fun reading!♡

“Heaven is right here right now, so why go outside?”
(DAY6 – Be Lazy)

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[Drabble-Mix] Songs for the Youth

shoshana presents


A collection of highschool tales from the 1980s by Class 3-1


Drabble(s) | Fluff, School-life, Slice-of-life, Teen-romance, Friendship | T/Teen

I own nothing but the story. The drabbles are based on my October playlist. It is recommended to listen to the songs while reading ♡

“The wasted years, the wasted youth.
The pretty lies, the ugly truth.”

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[1st Event] Authors’ Project: Chaeyoung’s Prank – Ficlet

Chaeyoung's Prank.jpg

Chaeyoung’s Prank

by. Ayumi-Chan

TWICE’s Chaeyoung, Wanna One’s Park Jihoon

Ficlet; little bit comedy, AU, Teen; PG-13

“Akankah kau menunggu untukku?”-Melting;TWICE-

Poster by Ayumi Art Poster

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