[INTRO] shoshana



(n) — Rose / Lily
December 25th, 1996
(dang, I hope I’m not the oldest)


I also go under another pen name Yoo Jangmi, I started writing with that name in 2011 and I think it doesn’t suit me anymore. (idk why 8’) )
You can call me by my pen name like sho, or sha, or by my real name Syara. Anything but “thor” because seriously I’m not holding a giant hammer and going around kicking bad guys or something lol.


I’m a JYPstan and of course, a very proud ONCE ♥
(I do stan lots of other groups too)

My bias is Myoui Mina a.k.a Sharon Myoui a.k.a the cutest penguin queen

IMG_20160619_164637 IMG_20160620_114910

Actually I’d rather call her my favorite because you know it’s hard to pick an actual bias in TWICE. I just love all 9 of them. Well but Mina and I, we share a lot of things in common so she’s special to me ;u;

I’m also a fan of Halsey and Melanie Martinez, their songs inspire me a lot.

I highkey ship GOTWICE
(honestly I ship anyone with TWICE wahahaha my bad)

I doubt you would like to read a whole one shot about me so that’s all~

F I N D  M E
1466423433_Twitterbird surnrised | unnamed matryosikaunnamed (2) Blissful Corner
Then you can ask for more personal contacts like LINE, WA, etc.
(you can also ask for my personal twitter which is very dusty and rarely opened)

Let’s talk more :3 I don’t bite

Virtual hugs and lots of love for fellow ONCEs



26 respons untuk ‘[INTRO] shoshana

  1. Halooo!
    Di sini ada twelve dari garis 00. Hehe. Salam kenal ya, Kak!
    Aku baru diracuni virus GOTTWICE nih. Jadi mungkin bakal sering-sering baca FF kakak.
    Duh, coba ya masa aku baca “shoshana” jadi “susana” 😦 maafin aku ya, Kak. Matanya emang suka siwer 😦
    Sekali lagi, selamat datang dan semoga betah! ♡♡


    1. hai dek salken jugaaa \(‘0′)/
      asik selamat keracunan :’3 /loh. kita bisa spazzing gotwice bareng~ (?)
      ga salah kok soalnya shoshana tuh kayak bentuk jadul(?) dari nama susana :’) wwkwkwkwk
      makasih♡ pasti betah kok :3


      1. Asyik asyik. Racuni aku gottwice lebih banyak dong
        HAHA. Susananya aku ngebayangin yang suka makan bunga itu loh, Kak.


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