[INTRO] vreesjung.

isn’t she lovely?


‘ee’ means ‘i’ but sometimes you read it as ‘e’ || known as aiveurislin || have a name called Bintan Nahya which means ‘the giver of life’ || est’00 at May 10th also a high school girl || getting addicted to jung chanwoo and kang seungyoon || having crush on yoo jiae and im nayeon || officially a ygstan


[poutbabyjung‘s] [ygentff]

[twitter, instagram, ask.fm] @nahyabintan_





11 thoughts on “[INTRO] vreesjung.

  1. vris omg you have such a beautiful name i envy you ;-; and i like your birthdate, idk i have a strange fetish for birthdate and it’s like i could tell people’s character by birthdate lmao
    btw you’re older than me by twenty one days huehuehue :3


    1. I envy you too, sya. You have Prophet Muhammad’s lovely wife’s name and you should be proud. wkwkwk. so what does your full name mean? i’m curious 😉
      really? whoa, it’s so fantastic. so what’s my character in your mind? wkwkwk please, don’t think too much and just ignore that xD
      so you were born at June 1st, 2000? luckily, i have sooo many friends who were born on that date and they are all close to me 😀


      1. my full name means ‘a full-spirited and perfect girl, daughter of evi and budi surya’ (yes my parents combined their name as my last name)
        10 may hmm, you are a neat person? and you have a taste for aesthetics thingies? based on your date of birth xD (omg random af) (i’m just guessing) (it’s not accurate i kno)
        wow it’s really nice to know i share my birthday to your close friends :’3 i feel honored to be born on the same day as Pancasila 😀


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